Everyone offers this piece of advice in some form all of the time: “If you want to get noticed, you need to boost your brand.”

Okay – great! Except what exactly does that mean?

It’s one thing for large companies with massive marketing budgets to promote themselves on multiple channels to raise awareness. Small business owners don’t have that luxury. Freelancers and contractors may only have their name and reputation to boost.

Is that enough?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Branding is the way that people remember who you are. It can be a name or phrase, but it is also what you accomplish with your work.

You might be a bold communicator who could sell soil to a farmer. Your reputation might be one of quiet confidence with the right answer waiting to be spoken.

Crush Networking isn’t going to help you design a catchphrase that people remember when they need your stuff. We help others remember who you are and why what you offer has value.

Boosting Your Brand with Crush Networking

What Is It That You Show to the World?

When you start thinking about your brand, look to how you network with others to see where possible improvements are possible.

Do you act reserved when in the company of strangers, or are you the life of the party?

When people start interacting with you, do you offer a handshake and a smile?

How easy is it for people to reach you if they want to talk, buy something, or interact with your brand in other ways?

Does your outgoing message sound as welcoming as the thanks you offer when a sale happens?

Do you communicate in humorous, informative, respective, or brash ways?

Every interaction you have with a potential customer is an anchor that someone keeps in their mind. If it is a negative feeling this first impression generates, no amount of positive branding is going to change that person’s mind.

That’s why Crush Networking takes a proactive approach to brand boosting. It’s easy to point out the things that people do right. Our focus is to show others why there is value in working with you for a specific task.

When someone meets you, they should recall something about who you are and what you do in positive ways. Branding makes that encounter memorable. We’ll help you to start growing those opportunities.

What If I Want to Boost My Brand Right Now?

Brand boosting can happen in several ways. We can help you find one of these methods or another opportunity to get your name out to the people who matter.

Here are some ideas to ponder so that your creative juices can start flowing.

1. Referral Programs

Spreading the word about your goods or services helps others know about your brand. Incentivizing that process for your best customers ensures that a positive first impression happens.

2. Infographics

People get exposed to so much information today that reading text becomes a forgettable process. Infographics enable you to make a specific point, based on facts, that can be a sharable experience. These images are routinely shared on social networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

3. Local Partnerships

When you join with other companies in your area to hold seminars, festivals, or sales, you create new exposure opportunities. Some businesses sponsor youth sports because it is a straightforward way to extend branding while helping a good cause.

4. Swag

Everyone loves getting some free stuff. Putting your brand on useful items is more effective than things like pens or Frisbees. Why not offer a smartphone case?

5. Social Publishing

Placing helpful information on your social pages encourages people to seek out your expertise. When you are the best at what you do, your branding should communicate that fact! Take some time to establish different philosophies for Facebook, Twitter, and more instead of cross-promoting one item 10 times.

6. Tell Your Story

If you want to be memorable, don’t create something fake to share with others. Tell your story. Be authentic. People will call you out if they think you’re lying, and that can wreck your reputation – even if what you’re saying is true.

Boosting your brand can feel like a full-time job when you’re flying solo. That’s why Crush Networking can help you develop the energy you want for the opportunities you offer. We’ll help you to establish a memorable reputation based on personal expertise.

Let’s hit the ground running. Every moment wasted is a potential customer moving past your brand.


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